Our impact

Quadia Impact Management

"It is too late to be just sustainable. Companies and their investors have to aim for a Regenerative Economy."


Impact Approach

The vision of Quadia is to create and foster value by investing in transformative and sustainable companies which drive new and disruptive processes for a regenerative economy.

Quadia’s impact creation strategy is based on financing companies which are able to:

  • Bring efficiency to their full value chain in the context of a regenerative economy
  • Value social and environmental impact as the basis of a new paradigm
  • Put positive impact at the core of their strategy and risk management
  • Increase their impact thanks to their economic success, growth and profitability

We focus on the following investment themes:

  1. Energy Efficiency & Environment
  2. Sustainable Food & Agriculture 
  3. Preventive Health
  4. Sustainable Urban Infrastructure
  5. Social & Education


Impact Methodology 

Beyond simple impact measurement, we focus on Impact Management. Our new methodology, QIM 2.0. is:

  • Structured, following a clear process and using a specific tool, applied by a dedicated team and supervised by an Impact Committee
  • Evidence-based and fact driven, with measurable qualitative and quantitative indicators
  • Systematic, applied to every potential investments and to all the companies of our portfolio, in all the sectors


Available on request:

Quadia's 2015 Impact Performance Report

Quadia's 2014 Impact Performance Report

Quadia's 2013 Impact Performance Report

Quadia's 2012 Impact Performance Report