La Ruche Qui Dit Oui!

Rethinking the food value chain

In 2015, Quadia decided to invest in La Ruche Qui Dit Oui! (LRQDO).

LRQDO, a French company, provides and manages a platform on which consumers can order fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese and other food products to their local farmers. Every week, once the customized order is validated, consumers and producers meet and proceed to the exchange thanks to the intermediation of a "hive host". All payments are made through the website, which provides security and makes the exchange easy and simple.

When producers and consumers meet, they simply have to talk about the food !


Creating positive impact

More than just an online platform, LRQDO is helping farmers get better margins on their products, while allowing consumers to purchase local and nutritious products in an easy manner. Being a host brings additional revenue to those who want to serve as intermediaries and it creates a stronger community of people that share the same goal: eat better.

At Quadia we also think that LRQDO promotes rural resilience and the retention of talents in the agricultural sector. In addition, consumers are progressively more exigent on the quality of the food they eat, and LRQDO brings them access to the best local food.

Some projects are currently being developed to improve product diversity and the overall environmental footprint of the network.


Read our 2015 Impact Performance Report for more impact information on LRQDO HERE



A special thanks to:

Romain Vassor, LRQDO manager, South-East France 

Martin, Hive host in Lyon

Julien, producer at La Cressonnière, Ambérieu

La Miete, exchange point, Lyon

Léo Bouvier, Quadia intern, for his wonderful work on the video (preparation, management of the project and montage)

Caroline Turrettini, Quadia intern, for her assistance on the video montage

LRQDO's team in Paris and Clélia (LRQDO Lyon) for their precious help

The happy customers of LRQDO in Lyon who agreed to give their opinion on their experience


Please note that this video has modestly been filmed with an IPad