NEW Impact Report launch

April 03, 2020

We are pleased to share our 2019 impact report showcasing our work with entrepreneurs building the regenerative economy.

Since our creation in 2010, our focus has been to provide financing to significantly impactful companies and enable them to generate even more positive social & environmental impact while performing financially. Ten years on, our purpose remains the same and has gained in the refinement of methodology. 

Indeed, to be able to holistically consider and scale impact, we needed to move from impact measurement to impact management, which meant creating a relevant framework. A new economic model is needed – one that moves away from this linear take-make-dispose degenerative model to one that is regenerative by design. Our theory of change is that by investing in transformative companies in key sectors that are reinventing our economy and that provide impactful business solutions, we will strengthen the transition towards a regenerative economy within the means of one-planet. Our proprietary Impact Management tool enables us to create a roadmap with investees at the onset of the investment according to four objectives :

- Fostering Circular Consumption & Production

- Improving Natural Resource Use

- Promoting Fair Value Chains

- Supporting local communities.

We hope that you enjoy the read and are inspired to work alongside us to support the creation of the regenerative economy.

Download the report here.