We finance today the solutions
for tomorrow

Our approach


Quadia provides equity and debt financing to companies that are inventing a regenerative economy and driving global sustainability priorities



Offices in countries3

16 staff, board members and advisors

Our Investments


Quadia currently focuses its investments on two main sectors
• Food: nutrition, technology, agriculture, local food brands
• Clean Energy: infrastructure, technology, efficiency


Close to USD150 Minvested

25portfolio funds and companies

Our Impact


By fully integrating sustainability into its investment strategy, Quadia boosts future expected economic returns and reduces portfolio risks, all the while creating tangible and measurable real impact.



30'000tons of CO2 saved

10global impact priorities

Our commitment

  • Sophie Durey
  • Fan Rong
  • Aymeric Jung
  • Yves Manfrini
  • Guillaume Taylor
  • Kostis A. Tselenis
  • Eric Archambeau, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

    "Because we have a deep understanding of key sustainability challenges, which are affecting our and future generations, we are able to put the necessary resources in providing investment capital to the companies that are accelerating the solutions for tomorrow”

  • Sophie Durey, Head of Impact Evaluation

    “Our impact evaluation methodology and reporting is the core reflection of our pledge to create concrete and measurable social and environmental added value through our investments”

  • Rong Fan, Head of Chinese Business Sector

    “It is our duty to look beyond our own borders when devising investment strategies. These must take into consideration the world as a whole since social and environmental risks are interconnected, interdependent and global”

  • Aymeric Jung, Managing Partner

    “As individuals with long term experience in the finance industry, it is our responsibility to use this skillset to bring financing innovation to what it was initially meant to be, i.e. developing wealth through real economic value creation”

  • Yves Manfrini, Head of Operations

    “At Quadia, we share a strong sense of accountability in ensuring that we provide an efficient risk-return matrix which combines a solid link between sustainable development and financial performance”

  • Guillaume Taylor, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

    “Our efficiency as impact investors is greatly enhanced by our personal engagement in numerous foundations, NGOs and advisory boards. These extra-curricular activities bring us a wealth of insight and knowledge of global social and environmental stakes”

  • Kostis Tselenis, Head of Investments

    “At Quadia, we strive to generate profits for our investors, revenues for our investees and positive impact for all beneficiaries. For this, we commit to the values we promote on a professional and on a personal level”



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